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What is Psychometric Testing and how can it help?

Square pegs, round holes


Psychometric tests are objectively and scientifically designed questionnaires that

  • test a persons ABILITY in general or in specific areas 
  • assess a persons PERSONALITY and typical preferred behavioural style

More and more companies in Ireland, both large and small, now use psychometric testing to provide them with objective information to assist with

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Promotion
  • Internal Transfers
  • Career and Performance Development
  • Team Building
  • Skill Audits

For example, anyone who has ever done even a small amount of recruitment will know that it can be very much a hit-and-miss affair. All too often someone whose CV reads well and who came across strongly at interview fails to live up to expectations after been appointed. This can prove very costly in terms of time, money and energy not to mention the issue of displacement and replacement. By using Psychometric testing together with a searching and evidence based interview employers stand a much greater chance of finding the correct fit to the job.

A proven part of successful recruitment, psychometric assessment is also recognised as a very important component in improving organisational effectiveness thorough the development of both teams and individuals.

Psychometric Testing can also be extremely useful in the area of vocational guidance in helping individuals identify their preferred working styles and key abilities

In order to ensure that only the highest quality advice and practice prevail all testing is carried out by only those holding the British Psycholoical Society's Level A & B qualifications.

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