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Ability tests have a proven and established reputation for reliably predicting job performance and prove invaluable in helping to select individuals for new or existing roles. By focussing on an individual’s natural ability and aptitude in specific areas tests provide an excellent objective predictor of future performance. 

While ability tests can be either general or specific in focus, best results are achieved if the key skills required for the job have been identified. This can be done using our comprehensive yet straightforward job profiling tools. Once a job profile has been

compiled the appropriate tests can then be identified that will highlight those best

suited to the task. We offer full assistance in this process enabling you to identify and progress key talent earlier and  make recruitment and development

decisions faster.

Ability tests cover a wide range of skills including

  • Verbal Skills
  • Numerical Skills                                                          Oriel Training - Psychometric Testing - Ability testing - personality questionnaires - recruitment - dundalk
  • Accuracy & Checking
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Managerial Judgement

Within each of these skills sets different test exist that cater for the varying degrees of complexity and difficulty demanded of different posts. For example, under numerical skills a test is available appropriate for a Managerial/Graduate position while a different test would be used aimed at a semi-skilled position.

Test banks are also available aimed at particular roles. For example, for those working in a Sales and Customer Service environment specific verbal and numerical tests are available that measure the core reasoning abilities relating to those positions. Likewise, at Managerial and Graduate level sophisticated tests can measure the ability to evaluate the logic of various kinds of arguments as well as measure the ability to make correct decisions or inferences from numerical data.

Psychometric Ability Testing provides employers with a consistent, fair and objective measure of all applicants when recruiting or when making internal selection decisions. Covering a full range of difficulty levels providing specific assessments for directors and senior managers through to graduate, senior administrative staff and on to customer service, sales and production staff, our tests can bring significant benefits to your business.

Please Contact us for more information on how Psychometric Testing can help your business.

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