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Course Title: Frontline Customer Care

Description: Frontline Customer Care provides those who are in day to day contact with customers with the behavioural skills that define excellent Customer Care. The course asks participants to identify exactly what is excellent Customer Care and then to put into practice the actions and words that turn everyday customer encounters into profitable and fulfilling experiences.

Aim: The aim of the course is to clearly identify the importance of delivering excellent Customer Care and to develop the essential communication skills needed when dealing with customers e.g. listening, questioning, verifying and explaining.

Objectives: At the end of the course participants will have:

  • A clear appreciation of the benefits of delivering excellent customer care – both to the company and, equally important, to themselves
  • Identified who are our customers both internally and externally
  • Identified exactly what is Good Customer Care and Bad Customer Care
  • Practised the behavioral skills used in delivering excellent Customer Care
  • Learned how to identify what the customer wants by asking effective questions
  • Developed the confidence and assertiveness required when dealing with difficult customer situations
  • Learned how to deliver excellent Customer Care on the phone
  • Learned how to handle customer complaints and turn them into positive outcomes for the business


Oriel Training - Customer Care Training - Psychometric Testing - Communication Skills Training Dundalk

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